Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie

Born: 1888
Died: 1955

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Dale Carnegie was an American writer, primarily known for being one of the forerunners of the self-help and public relations genre.

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Dale Carnegie was born in 1888 in Maryville, Missouri, into a rather humble farm family.

He was the second of five children, and from an early age had to work as a farmhand. However, his ambition to prosper made him start working as a salesman in Kansas City and take night classes, where he studied public speaking.

For more than two decades, Dale Carnegie made his ideas known in conferences and courses, and published a well-received book on public speaking entitled The art of public speaking.

One of the central ideas of his books is that it is possible to change the behavior of others if we change our attitude towards them.

His best known book is How to Win Friends and Influence People, which is not yet in the public domain in the United States. In it, Dale Carnegie captured all his experiences and knowledge. Since its release it has been a great success and hundreds of editions have been published and translated into many languages.

Dale Carnegie's books have sold tens of millions of copies in many languages and have been very influential in shaping the self-improvement genre.


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