A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf

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by Virginia Woolf

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A Haunted House is a short story written by Virginia Woolf and first published in 1921.

This story tells the tale of two ghosts who live in a house and have a desire to search for something that inhabits the house while observing the lives of the new tenants.

In this work, Woolf surprises us with the way she weaves this ethereal story and deals with themes such as the permanence of love beyond death and the way in which memories and emotions survive in the spaces we inhabit.

"Whatever hour you woke there was a door shutting. From room to room they went, hand in hand, lifting here, opening there, making sureβ€”a ghostly couple. "Here we left it," she said. And he added, "Oh, but here too!" "It's upstairs," she murmured. "And in the garden," he whispered "Quietly," they said, "or we shall wake them."


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