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by Jules Verne

All Around The Moon is a science fiction novel written by Jules Verne and originally published in 1865. It is the sequel to the novel From the Earth to the Moon and although it is not required reading, it is highly recommended.

The novel is about a rocket launched from the Earth with three men inside to try to reach the Moon. Jules Verne tries to use as much scientific rigor as possible, taking into account that it is written in the 19th century and that the possibility of travel outside the Earth was very distant.

The book explains all the preparations for great pleasure in explaining the marvelous space landscapes observed from inside the spacecraft.

However, in spite of all the calculations and previous planning, some will not go as expected and their moon landing plans will have to be modified.

It is a very interesting read for anyone interested in science and, in general, for anyone interested in how

"The moment that the great clock belonging to the works at Stony Hill had struck ten, Barbican, Ardan and M'Nicholl began to take their last farewells of the numerous friends surrounding them. The two dogs intended to accompany them had been already deposited in the Projectile."

Fiction   Science fiction

8 hours 19 minutes (99808 words)

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