All These Things Added by James Allen

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by James Allen

All These Things Added is a self-help book written by James Allen and published in 1903.

Written from a Christian perspective, the book explains how people have strayed from the right path and must stop seeking earthly pleasures and selfishness and become more righteous.

Only by eliminating selfishness and darkness in our soul can we enter the Kingdom of God according to the Christian religion. This can be achieved through a process of self-analysis and self-examination, since to eliminate selfishness it is necessary to first know oneself.

I sought the world, but Peace was not there;

I courted learning, but Truth was not revealed;

I sojourned with philosophy, but my heart was sore with vanity.

And I cried, Where is Peace to be found!

And where is the hiding place of truth!

Filius Lucis

Non-fiction   Philosophy

2 hours 5 minutes (25115 words)

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The All These Things Added book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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