Anne of Ingleside by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Ingleside is a young adult novel written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was first published in 1915 and is the sixth book in the Anne of Green Gables series.

The book mainly tells us about the antics of Ana's children. Also, although Ana is older, she will continue to be the cheerful and imaginative girl that we saw in previous books.

Six years have passed since the end of the fifth book. Anne returns to Ingleside to what is now her home, introducing us to her five children:

  • James Matthe, alias 'Jem': He is the oldest of all and is eight years old.
  • Walter, who is 7 years old and has an incredible imagination as Anne.
  • Ana 'Nan' and Diana 'Di', who are four-year-old twins but totally different from each other.
  • Shirley, the smallest of all.

Back home, Anne's family will have to endure the unpleasant and unexpected visit of Gilbert's aunt, who always criticizes everything and everyone. Unfortunately, she does not seem willing to return to her own home.

Anne of Green Gables #6

Fiction   Young Adult

8 hours 26 minutes (101221 words)

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The Anne of Ingleside book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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About Lucy Maud Montgomery

She was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels about Anne Shirley, an orphaned girl.

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The best Anne of Ingleside quotes

Time is kinder than we think,' thought Anne. 'It's a dreadful mistake to cherish bitterness for years...hugging it to our hearts like a treasure.

- Anne


You do love me, Gilbert? You haven’t said you loved me in so long." My dear, I didn’t think you needed words to know that. I can’t live without you.

- Anne


You needn't be a mite afraid to sleep in that bed. I aired the sheets today … and Marilla didn't know I did it and gave them another airing … and Millie didn't know either of us did and gave them a third.


“Snow in April is abominable," said Anne. "Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss.”

- Anne


Dear God, help him and help the mother . . . help all mothers everywhere. We need so much help, with the little sensitive, loving hearts and minds that look to us for guidance and love and understanding.

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