Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis

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by Sinclair Lewis

Babbit is a novel written by Sinclair Lewis and published in 1922. It is considered one of his best works and a fundamental book for understanding American society in the first half of the 20th century.

George Babbit is an estate salesman from the fictional city of Zenith who runs a small and prosperous business. His wife is dedicated to waiting at home for her husband to return from work, while their children are dedicated to having fun without paying much attention to their father.

George is highly respected by colleagues and friends and does everything that is expected of him in society, taking great importance in how others see you.

Everything changes when his best friend, disenchanted with his life, shoots his wife and goes to prison. This will make George rethink some things and remove some of the ties imposed by society.

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About Sinclair Lewis

Harry Sinclair Lewis was an American writer and playwright. In 1930, he became the first writer from the United States (and the first from the America...

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The best Babbitt quotes

In other countries, art and literature are left to a lot of shabby bums living in attics and feeding on booze and spaghetti.

- Babbit


In fact there was but one thing wrong with the Babbitt house: It was not a home.

- Narrator


If you analyze the needs of the school ... as if it were a merchandizing problem ... we will build up the biggest darn Sunday School in the whole state.

- Babbit


His power was the greater because he was not hindered by scruples, by either the vice or the virtue of the older Puritan tradition.


There’s no stronger bulwark of sound conservatism than the evangelical church, and no better place to make friends who’ll help you to gain your rightful place in the community than in your own church-home!

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