Desert Gold by Zane Grey

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by Zane Grey

Desert Gold is a western novel written by Zane Gray and first published in 1913. The novel is noted for its phenomenal depiction of desert landscapes.

The book is about the exodus, through the desert, of a group of characters who try to free a beautiful young Spanish woman named Mercedes from the clutches of a feared Mexican bandit who kidnaps her after murdering and robbing her family.

Dick Gale, the protagonist, will team up with a US Army officer named George Thorne and they will be relentlessly pursued by the bandit Rojas.

Discover this story in the Old West in which love, adventure and danger will be the protagonists.

A FACE haunted Cameron—a woman's face. It was there in the white heart of the dying campfire; it hung in the shadows that hovered over the flickering light; it drifted in the darkness beyond.

Fiction   Western

8 hours 42 minutes (104563 words)

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The Desert Gold book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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