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by Alexander Pushkin

Eugene Onegin is a novel written by Alexander Pushkin and first published in 1833.

The story, set in early 19th century Tsarist Russia, introduces us to the young Eugene Onegin. He does not do anything worthwhile and only attends parties, theater, and other entertainments.

He is the heir to one of his uncle's estates, and one day he is told that his uncle is very ill and that he wants Onegin to go to the country to see him. After the visit and his uncle's death, he decides that a change of scenery might be good for him and decides to stay and live in the country.

And there Onegin, who thinks he knows everything about love, meets Tatiana, whose only knowledge of love comes from romance novels.

The novel gives us a great insight into the two spheres of Russian society at that time: the urban and the rural.

This edition of Eugene Onegin is based on the English translation by Henry Spalding.

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3 hours 25 minutes (41099 words)

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