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Philosophy Socratic dialogue Piety Justice Virtue The nature of piety The relationship between religion and morality

46 minutes
Ancient Greek

Euthyphro is a philosophy work written by Plato between 339 and 395 B. C.

It is one of Plato's early dialogues, and its main theme is the nature of piety and religion.

The dialogue introduces Socrates and Euthyphro as they await an audience with the king. Euthyphro is appearing before the court to denounce the murder of his father, while Socrates is about to be tried for corrupting the youth of Athens.

At this meeting, Socrates begins a dialogue with Euthyphro about the true nature of piety. Both reflect on morality, religion, or divine authority versus human ethics.

"Socrates: What is the charge? Well, a very serious charge, which shows a good deal of character in the young man, and for which he is certainly not to be despised. He says he knows how the youth are corrupted and who are their corruptors. I fancy that he must be a wise man, and seeing that I am the reverse of a wise man, he has found me out, and is going to accuse me of corrupting his young friends. And of this our mother the state is to be the judge".

This edition of Euthyphro is based on the English translation by Benjamin Jowett.


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