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by John Cleland

Erotica Bildungsroman Sexuality Morality Innocence and corruption Class and social status

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Fanny Hill is an erotic novel written by John Cleland and first published in 1749.

Written by John Cleland at a time when he was in prison for debt, the novel was criticized and censored for its graphic portrayal of sexuality, something very rare in literature at the time.

Fanny Hill is a young country girl who, orphaned and without economic resources, tries to survive in a city like eighteenth-century London. She ends up seduced by the world of prostitution and the novel follows this descent, told in the first person and vividly narrating these erotic adventures.

The novel deals with issues such as the hypocrisy of the time and addresses female sexuality, offering an unfiltered view of the thinking of the time. It became a challenge to the norms of the time and a symbol of the fight against censorship.

"This, and enough, premised, I go souse into my personal history. My maiden name was Francis Hill. I was born at a small village near Liverpool in Lancashire, of parents extremely poor, and I piously believe, extremely honest."


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John Cleland was an English novelist best known for his fictional Fanny Hill whose eroticism led to his arrest. James Boswell called him "a sly, o...

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