Felix Holt, the Radical by George Eliot

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by George Eliot

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Felix Holt, the Radical is a novel written by George Eliot and originally published in 1866. It is inspired by the time of the First Reform Act of 1832.

The plot revolves around an election held in 1832 in an English Midlands town, inspired by George Eliot's native Nuneaton.

On the one side, there is the Tory side. On the other, there is the wealthy landowner Harold Transome who returns to England with a fortune amassed in the colonies.

His decision to stand for election comes as a surprise to the whole town, including his own family. The motivation is a concern about his estate.

However, also returning from a trip to Scotland is the idealistic Felix Holt. He too is a radical but has deep differences with Harold Transome. While Harold is an opportunist, Felix does have deep beliefs and values in which he firmly believes.

These two men will face each other in a struggle that is not only political, but also personal...

"On the 1st of September, in the memorable year 1832, some one was ex- pected at Transome Court. As early as two o'clock in the afternoon the aged lodge-keeper had opened the heavy gate, green as the tree trunks were green with nature's powdery paint, deposited year after year. "


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