Jacob's Room by Virginia Woolf

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by Virginia Woolf

Modernist The effects of World War I Individual experience versus social conventions The search for identity The passage of time Loss and memory

4 hours 35 minutes

Jacob's Room is a novel written by Virginia Woolf and published in 1922. It is the author's third novel.

The novel narrates the life of Jacob Flanders mainly through the impressions that other people have of him, mainly middle or upper class women who pass through Jacob's life.

Set in pre-World War I England, the story begins with Jacob's childhood and follows him through his college years at Cambridge and finally his adult maturity.

The book shows Jacob's character development through a series of conversations with other people and some parts of internal monologue. In love with classical authors, he travels to Italy or Greece.

Finally, in the last stage of his life, the only thing that remains of his life is a series of objects in an abandoned room, Jacob's room.

"Slowly welling from the point of her gold nib, pale blue ink dissolved the full stop; for there her pen stuck; her eyes fixed, and tears slowly filled them. The entire bay quivered; the lighthouse wobbled; and she had the illusion that the mast of Mr. Connor's little yacht was bending like a wax candle in the sun. She winked quickly. Accidents were awful things. She winked again. The mast was straight; the waves were regular; the lighthouse was upright; but the blot had spread."


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