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by Ivan Goncharov

Oblomov is a novel written by Ivan Goncharov and originally published in 1859.

Oblomov is a listless and disillusioned young landowner.He lives on his parents' inheritance in a rented apartment in St. Petersburg and has a servant named Zakhar.

Fearful and sullen of everything outside his home, even his own room, he spends his days lying in bed, dependent on his servant for everything.

His friend Andrei Shtolz, on the other hand, has all the opposite values: he is active, hardworking, and constantly changing and moving. Thanks to his impetus and with the intention of doing business, Shtolz will get Oblomov out of the house and give him a push to lead a more active life, where he will also meet young Olga...

The main theme of the novel is the duality and confrontation between activity and inactivity, represented by the two main characters of the story.

For this edition of Oblomov the English translation by C. J. Hogarth has been used.

Fiction   Novel

4 hours 56 minutes (59310 words)

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About Ivan Goncharov

Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov was a Russian novelist. He also served in many official capacities, including the position of censor.

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