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by Charlotte Brontë

Shirley is a novel written by Charlotte Brontë and first published in 1849.

The novel focuses on the lives of two women in the Yorkshire village of Hollingsworth in 1811 and the friendship between them and their respective love affairs.

At the time of the Napoleonic wars, Robert Moore decides to invest and industrialize his factory, which leads to numerous dismissals of employees who try to attack the factory. Caroline, his shy cousin, is very much in love with him, but one day Shirley, the heiress of the land where the factory is located, appears in their lives. The two become close friends, but Caroline realizes that it would be in Robert's best interest to marry Shirley for possession of the land. The book tells the story of these characters and their efforts to see their desires fulfilled.

The argument of the novel is that marriage is not always the best option for women, and that they should be free to choose their own paths in life.

The novel was praised for its frank discussion of women's rights and sexuality, as well as its realistic portrayal of life in early 19th-century England. However, it was also criticised for its length and slow pace.

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18 hours 3 minutes (216719 words)

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