Symposium by Plato

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by Plato

Symposium is a dialogue written by Plato and originally published between 385-370 B.C. It deals mainly with love and is one of Plato's most valued dialogues.

In this work Plato reflects on love. He uses as a context a speech competition in which a group of intellectuals is gathered at a banquet. One by one, they will offer a round of eulogies to the god Eros.

The book is a brilliant introduction to Plato's philosophical thoughts, dealing with one of the most universal themes of humanity, love, and developing concepts such as Platonic love.

Despite its short length, it has a lot of interesting and well-developed ideas that make the reading quite enjoyable and a good starting point to introduce us to read Plato.

This edition of Plato's Symposium is based on the English translation by Benjamin Jowett.

Non-fiction   Philosophy

2 hours 45 minutes (33077 words)

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The Symposium book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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