The Book of Life by Upton Sinclair

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by Upton Sinclair

The Book of Life is a philosophy's book by Upton Sinclair in 1921.

In this collection of essays, Upton Sinclair offers fascinating insights from different perspectives on topics related to philosophy. This book covers most of life's major issues and questions, such as determinism, free will or atheism.

Upton Sinclair's way of expounding his thoughts makes it all seem so obvious that you will wonder how you were not taught this before in school or in your education.

The book even covers explanations of why the world is the way it is right now, and where it could evolve to. He mentions ideals that all groups of humanity should strive for in order to achieve a more just and evolved civilization.

Sinclair uses logic to question the fictitious foundations on which authority figures stand and helps us to understand new levels of mental and emotional freedom.

"Seventy years ago Charles Darwin published his book, "The Origin of Species," in which he defied the heological dogma of his time by the shocking idea that life had evolved by many stages of progress from the diatom to man. This of course did not conform to the story of the Garden of Eden, and so "Darwinism" was fought as an invention of the devil, and in the interior of America there are numerous sectarian colleges where the dread term "evolution" is spoken in awed whispers. Only the other day I read in my newspaper the triumphant proclamation of some clergyman that "Darwinism" had been overthrown".

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