The Cats of Ulthar by H. P. Lovecraft

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by H. P. Lovecraft

Horror Fantasy Supernatural Revenge Justice

7 minutes

The Cats of Ulthar is a horror short story written by H. P. Lovecraft and published in 1920.

In the village of Ulthar there is a law: you can't kill cats. In this short story, we will know the history of the origin of this law and the murky past that this village had.

Where does the origin of such a prohibition come from? And why is it forbidden to kill a cat in Ulthar?

Despite its short length, this story is able to immerse you in an atmosphere of collective fear, mystery, death and mysticism.

"It is said that in Ulthar, which lies beyond the river Skai, no man may kill a cat; and this I can verily believe as I gaze upon him who sitteth purring before the fire."


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