The colour out of space by H. P. Lovecraft

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by H. P. Lovecraft

Science fiction Horror Alien life forms Madness Decay Nature vs. Supernature Isolation

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The colour out of space is a horror story written by H.P. Lovecraft and first published in 1927.

"West of Arkham the hills rise wild, and there are valleys with deep woods that no axe has ever cut. There are dark narrow glens where the trees slope fantastically, and where thin brooklets trickle without ever having caught the glint of sunlight. On the gentler slopes there are farms, ancient and rocky, with squat, moss-coated cottages brooding eternally over old New England secrets in the lee of great ledges; but these are all vacant now, the wide chimneys crumbling and the shingled sides bulging perilously beneath low gambrel roofs".


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H. P. Lovecraft, whose full name is Howard Phillips Lovecraft, was an American horror and science fiction writer. He is considered...

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