The Cruise of the Snark by Jack London

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by Jack London

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The Cruise of the Snark is a travel book written by Jack London and originally published in 1907.

More than a book in itself, it is a collection of short stories set on the actual cruise that Jack London made sailing on the Snark in the South Pacific.

Accompanied by his wife and crew, London visited the Solomon Islands, Hawaii and French Polynesia. He writes both about his first-person impressions of the places visited and the sailing techniques used.

Undoubtedly, it is a book that any lover of adventure and travel literature will enjoy and that will make you feel as if you were a member of the Snark.

"It began in the swimming pool at Glen Ellen. Between swims it was our wont to come out and lie in the sand and let our skins breathe the warm air and soak in the sunshine. Roscoe was a yachtsman. I had followed the sea a bit. It was inevitable that we should talk about boats. We talked about small boats, and the seaworthiness of small boats."


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