The Dog Crusoe and his Master by R. M. Ballantyne

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by R. M. Ballantyne

The Dog Crusoe and his Master is an adventure novel written by R. M. Ballantyne and first published in 1894.

It is set on the prairies of the American West, at a time when relations between the Native Americans and the white man were difficult and there was a multitude of conflicts.

The adventure stars Dick Varley, a hunter who explores the Rocky Mountains with his dog Crusoe and two friends. They will live a multitude of adventures and will have to face dangers such as wild animals or avalanches and become heroes on several occasions.

They intend to achieve peace between the "palefaces" and the "red men".

You have to read the book in the context in which it was written, the year 1860, and also the setting corresponds to the 1840s. Therefore, there are some very reprehensible attitudes today that existed in the social context of the 19th century towards Native Americans.

Fiction   Historical

7 hours 19 minutes (87808 words)

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