The man that corrupted Hadleyburg by Mark Twain

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by Mark Twain

The man that corrupted Hadleyburg is a short humorous story written by Mark Twain in 1898.

"It was many years ago Hadleyburg was the most honest and upright town in all the region round about.; It had kept that reputation unsmirched during three generations, and was prouder of it than of any other of its possessions; It was so proud of it, and so anxious to insure its perpetuation, that it began to teach the principles of honest dealing to its babies in the cradle, and made the like teachings the staple of their culture thenceforward through all the years devoted to their education".

Fiction   Humor

1 hour 29 minutes (17914 words)

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The The man that corrupted Hadleyburg book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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