The Marrow of Tradition by Charles W. Chesnutt

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by Charles W. Chesnutt

The Marrow of Tradition is a historical novel written by Charles W. Chesnutt and originally published in 1901. It is the American writer's best known work.

The novel is based on the real events that took place during the 1898 riots in North Carolina. There, white supremacists rebelled against the power of the democratic community even though it was legally elected there.

The story centers on two families, one white and one black, and how their lives intersect. The novel reflects, quite realistically, the daily struggles of blacks at that time to be independent and forge their own lives. It also shows the hatred of many whites, especially the upper classes, against this social change that was taking place.

"The night was hot and sultry. Though the windows of the chamber were wide open, and the muslin curtains looped back, not a breath of air was stir- ring. Only the shrill chirp of the cicada and the muffled croaking of the frogs in some distant marsh broke the night silence."

Fiction   Historical

7 hours 32 minutes (90438 words)

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