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by Wilkie Collins

The Moonstone is a detective novel written by Wilkie Collins and published in 1868. It was initially published in weekly installments in the literary magazine All the Year Round, founded by Charles Dickens.

The story takes place in England and is carried out by the beautiful young Rachel Verinder, belonging to the aristocracy, who on her birthday receives a precious diamond known as "The Moonstone" by her uncle John Herncastle.

The origin of this diamond was in India, where his uncle, a corrupt English officer, had served. The diamond was not only really valuable economically, but also had religious significance, as it belonged to the forehead of a Hindu deity.

In order to obtain said diamond, his ruthless uncle murdered the monks who guarded it. Since that event, three devotees will swear to recover the diamond even if it costs them their lives.

Rachel's birthday had a tense atmosphere. There were quite a few people, and among them, three mysterious unknown men...

Fiction   Mystery

16 hours 35 minutes (199056 words)

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