The Nameless City by H. P. Lovecraft

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by H. P. Lovecraft

The Nameless City is a horror story written by H.P. Lovecraft and first published in 1938.

In this short story, we learn the story of an archaeologist who, after hearing rumours of a mysterious city, does not hesitate to take the risk of finding it and trying to discover its treasures.

When he arrives, however, he discovers that the city is full of secrets. Buildings with impossible structures, hieroglyphs with strange animals...

It is considered to be the first story of the Cthulhu Mythos and is the first reference to one of the most recurring characters in Lovecraft's stories: the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred.

"When I drew nigh the nameless city I knew it was accursed. I was traveling in a parched and terrible valley under the moon, and afar I saw it protruding uncannily above the sands as parts of a corpse might protrude from an ill-made grave."

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The The Nameless City book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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