The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson

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by William Hope Hodgson

Science Fiction Horror Fantasy End of the World Cosmic Horror Survival Love

16 hours 30 minutes

The Night Land is a horror and science fiction novel written by William Hope Hodgson and first published in 1912.

In the distant future, the sun has gone out and the Earth is barely illuminated by the glow of residual volcanism, plunging the planet into eternal darkness. Clearly, the survival of humanity is in grave danger.

The last few million survivors have taken refuge in a gigantic pyramid known as the Last Redoubt, safe from the horrors that lurk in the outer darkness. Giant monsters and strange phenomena have turned the outside into a desolate and dangerous landscape.

The story follows an anonymous man who has a telepathic vision of his beloved, who is not in the pyramid but elsewhere on the dark earth, and decides to leave his sanctuary and try to find his soul mate. Leaving this refuge and entering the darkness is almost certain death, but it is also an adventure full of unimaginable challenges and ancient secrets about mankind and the planet.

"And I cannot touch her face And I cannot touch her hair, And I kneel to empty shadows— Just memories of her grace; And her voice sings in the winds And in the sobs of dawn And among the flowers at night And from the brooks at sunrise And from the sea at sunset, And I answer with vain callings ... "


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