The Panchronicon by Harold Steele Mackaye

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by Harold Steele Mackaye

The Panchronicon is a science fiction novel written by Harold Steele Mackaye and first published in 1904. It is one of the first books to discuss time travel and a good example of early science fiction.

The story is set in the year 1897, where the Shakespeare sisters and Rebecca Phoebe meet the town drunk, named Copernicus Droop, and discover that they have a time-traveling machine called the Panchronicon.

The group embarks on a fun adventure to travel to Elizabethan England and discover if Francis Bacon is the real author of William Shakespeare's plays. And the trip will not stop there, but a character will try to make a fortune by taking inventions of the future to the past, pretending to be the inventor...

All this in a pleasant and entertaining reading, full of paradoxes and questions about time travel.

"The two sisters were together in their garden. Rebecca Wise, turned forty and growing slightly gray at the temples, was moving slowly from one of her precious plants to the next, leaning over each to pinch off a dead leaf or count the buds."

Fiction   Science fiction

6 hours 25 minutes (77032 words)

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