The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

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by Henry James

The Portrait of a Lady is a novel written by Henry James and first published as a book in 1881. It was published in installments a year earlier. It is considered one of Henry James' best novels.

The novel tells the story of Isabel Archer, a young American woman, and her journey of self-discovery. Isabel is described as intelligent, energetic and narcissistic, with enormous self-esteem. Isabel inherits a fortune and is manipulated into marrying American businessman Gilbert Osmond, one of the most unsavory characters in the novel, after having turned down two marriage proposals from honorable men. Despite this, the reader is able to get inside Isabel's mind and understand her thoughts and decisions.

The novel is full of complex, as well as selfish and insufferable characters, and is a fascinating exploration of self-discovery and the human condition.

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18 hours 43 minutes (224643 words)

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