The Shunned House by H. P. Lovecraft

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by H. P. Lovecraft

The Shunned House is a short novel written by H. P. Lovecraft written in 1924 and first published in 1937 in Weird Tales magazine.

The narrator is haunted, along with his uncle and doctor Elihu Whipple, in an old and abandoned house. The house is accused of making anyone who stays there sick and causing death.

The house is located in the middle of the city of Providence and is totally abandoned due to the many deaths over the decades, so no one dares to inhabit it, not even the owners after inheriting it.

With the intention of discovering what is happening in the house, the narrator and his uncle decide to stay one night in the house. However, what manifests itself is much more horrible than they expected... Through memories, family members' experiences and investigation, the plot unfolds and reveals the hidden secrets of the house.

Fiction   Horror

0 hours 55 minutes (11129 words)

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The The Shunned House book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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