The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet

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by Hume Nisbet

The Vampire Maid is an early vampire short story written by Hume Nisbet and first published in 1900.

This book tells us the story of an artist who goes on retirement to a fairly sparsely populated rural area. There, he stays in a lonely cabin in the middle of the forest and the protagonist falls totally in love with the daughter of his host named Ariadne.

However, Ariadne hides a dangerous secret: her hair is too black, her lips are too red... In a short time, the protagonist will begin to suffer terrible nightmares and will notice that they have less energy. Will the protagonist be able to realize the situation and survive his stay in the cabin?

This story, of very short duration, is the typical vampire tale, being descriptive and and a very quick read.

Fiction   Horror

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About Hume Nisbet

James Hume Nisbet was a Scottish-born novelist and artist. Many of his thrillers are set in Australia.

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