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Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu

Carmilla quotes

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"The sense of strangeness grew upon me, which had begun with the first sight of that beautiful face. It was a melancholy and an eerie feeling, and became so oppressive that I found it difficult to speak."


"Evil is so often prophesied by our fears. Our mere apprehensions become the spirits of the living ill."


"The fiend who betrayed our infatuated hospitality has done it all."


"I live in your warm life, and you shall die—die, sweetly die—into mine."


"She used to place her pretty arms about my neck, draw me to her, and laying her cheek to mine, murmur with her lips near my ear."


"Her complexion was rich and brilliant; her features were small and beautifully formed; her eyes large, dark, and lustrous; her hair was quite wonderful, I never saw hair so magnificently thick and long when it was down about her shoulders."


"Dearest, your little heart is wounded; think me not cruel because I obey the irresistible law of my strength and weakness."


"You are mine, you shall be mine, and you and I are one forever."


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