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Every one has wishes which he would not like to tell to others, which he does not want to admit even to himself.


If we subject the content of the dream to analysis, we become aware that the dream fear is no more justified by the dream content than the fear in a phobia is justified by the idea upon which the phobia depends.


We are what we are because we have been what we have been.


Dreams tell us many an unpleasant biological truth about ourselves and only very free minds can thrive on such a diet. Self-deception is a plant which withers fast in the pellucid atmosphere of dream investigation.


If we avail ourselves for a moment longer of the right to elaborate from the dream interpretation such far-reaching psychological speculations, we are duty bound to demonstrate that we are thereby bringing the dream into a relationship which may also comprise other psychic structures.


Dream disfigurement, then, turns out in reality to be an act of the censor.


The dream is to be regarded, says Binz, as a physical process always useless, frequently morbid.


The day thought, which was no wish in itself but rather a worry, had in some way to find a connection with the infantile now unconscious and suppressed wish, which then allowed it, though already properly prepared, to "originate" for consciousness.


The dream is a sort of substitution for those emotional and intellectual trains of thought.


The ideas so far produced are insufficient for the interpretation of the dream.


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