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The House of Arden by Edith Nesbit

The House of Arden quotes

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“Good luck!” says I to my sweetheart, “For I will love you true; And all the while we’ve got to part, My luck shall go with you.”


Because people who go to the seaside and take lodgings seem, somehow, much harder to please than the people who go to hotels.


It is all very wonderful and mysterious, as all life is apt to be if you go a little below the crust, and are not content just to read newspapers and go by the Tube Railway, and buy your clothes ready-made, and think nothing can be true unless it is uninteresting.


“When I grow up,” said Edred, “I shall go across the sea and look for your ship and bring it home. I shall take a steam-tug and steer it myself.”


I don’t know what the contrary (or opposite) of taxes is, any more than the children did—but I am sure it is something quite nice—and so were they.


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