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Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov

Uncle Vanya quotes

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What must human beings be, to destroy what they can never create?


A woman can only become a man's friend after having first been his acquaintance and then his beloved—then she becomes his friend.


God alone knows what our real business in life is.

- Astrov


And the existence is tedious, anyway; it is a senseless, dirty business, this life.


Men may forget, but God will remember.

- Marina


If you could only see your face, your gestures! Oh, how tedious your life must be.


One hundred years from now, the people who come after us, for whom our lives are showing the way--will they think of us kindly? Will they remember us with a kind word? I wish to God I could think so.


If I'd had a normal life I might have been a Schopenhauer or a Dostoevsky.

- Vanya


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