A Guide to Stoicism by St. George William Joseph Stock

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by St. George William Joseph Stock

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A Guide to Stoicism, also known as Stoicism, is a self-help book written by St. George William Joseph Stock and first published in 1908.

This is an ideal work to get started in the philosophical current called Stoicism and learn about its origin and basic concepts. It is ideal as a first reading of Stoicism, even before reading Marcus Aurelius or Seneca, as it offers a historical perspective on the development of Greek and Roman philosophy and the reasons for the emergence of Stoicism.

The book makes references to other philosophers such as Socrates or Plato and provides a rather interesting context despite its brief length. In fact, it is almost a point in its favor that it is a quick and concise read and leaves it to the reader himself to expand knowledge by reading the Greek classics.

It also makes reference to the Stoic detractors and offers anecdotes and curious information for anyone interested in this philosophical current.

"Among the Greeks and Romans of the classical age philosophy occupied the place taken by religion among ourselves. Their appeal was to reason not to revelation."


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