From Poverty to Power by James Allen

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by James Allen

From Poverty to Power, also know as The Realization of Prosperity and Peace, is a self help book written by James Allen and published in 1901.

This is a book full of small tips to develop inner strength and move away from the ego, trying to get closer to greatness and power. It helps us both professionally and spiritually. When Allen refers to poverty, it is not just material poverty, but spiritual poverty. This book explains where this poverty lies, which is vitally important to know.

According to James Allen, both poverty and illness or other adverse circumstances can be eliminated from our lives, through a method and a practice that we can carry out, in search of a continuous and infinite peace and happiness.

From Poverty to Power was originally split into two parts and that parts were later published as two separate books: The Path to Prosperity and The Way of Peace.

Unrest and pain and sorrow are the shadows of life. There is no heart in all the world that has not felt the sting of pain, no mind has not been tossed upon the dark waters of trouble, no eye that has not wept the hot blinding tears of unspeakable anguish.

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2 hours 52 minutes (34474 words)

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The From Poverty to Power book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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