A Lost Lady by Willa Cather

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by Willa Cather

A Lost Lady is a novel written by Willa Cather and published in 1923.

The book chronicles the lives of Marian Forrester and her husband, Captain Daniel Forrester. They both live in the town of Sweet Water along the Transcontinental Railroad. Niel Herbert is a young man who grew up in said city and witnesses the slow decline of Marian, for whom he falls in love with what she represents, and also the decline of Western society from the idealized era of the pioneers to the current capitalist system.

Throughout the book Marian is pursued by a variety of suitors, as her social decline also deepens.

The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, is heavily influenced by this book. Marian Forrester partly inspired Fitzgerald's Daisy Buchanan.

Fiction   Historical

2 hours 50 minutes (34150 words)

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About Willa Cather

Willa Sibert Cather was an American writer. In 1923 she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for One of Ours, a novel set during World War I.

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The best A Lost Lady quotes

"I could feel his heart pump and his muscles strain," she said, "when he balanced himself and me on the rocks. I knew that if we fell, we’d go together; he would never drop me."


Her husband had archaic ideas about jewels; a man bought them for his wife in acknowledgement of things he could not gracefully utter.


Tears flashed into her eyes. "That's very dear of you. It's sweet to be remembered when one is away." In her voice there was the heart-breaking sweetness one sometimes hears in lovely, gentle old songs.


Even the hardest and coldest of his friends, a certain narrow-faced Lincoln banker, became animated when he took her hand, tried to meet the gay challenge in her eyes and to reply cleverly to the droll word of greeting on her lips.


He was proud now that at the first moment he had recognized her as belonging to a different world from any he had ever known.

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