The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton

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by Edith Wharton

The House of Mirth is a novel published in 1905 by Edith Wharton, being the second novel written by the author.

The book tells us the drama of Lily Bart. Lily, who is 29 years old and single, belongs to the high society of New York. She is looking for economic and social stability, but she is letting other good opportunities slip by.

We begin the story at New York Central Station. There Lily has to wait several hours because she has missed the train and has to catch the next one. As she waits, a man named Lawrence Selden watches her and wonders what such a pretty, high-class girl will do in the middle of the station so disoriented and lost.

Selden goes over to talk to Lily and invites her to the building where he is staying. There she discovers that he is a middle-class lawyer without much money. The drama of the book revolves around the fact that although Lily Bart is in love with Selden and they make a very good couple, she has to reject and give up that relationship just because he is not rich.

Fiction   Historical

10 hours 47 minutes (129550 words)

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She was so evidently the victim of the civilization which had produced her, that the links of her bracelet seemed like manacles chaining her to her fate.


She had no tolerance for scenes which were not of her own making.


Don't you ever mind," she asked suddenly, "not being rich enough to buy all the books you want?


Why do we call all our generous ideas illusions, and the mean ones truths?


I was just a screw or cog in the great machine I called life, and when I dropped out of it I found I was of no use anywhere else.

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