An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne

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by Jules Verne

An Antarctic Mystery is an adventure novel written by Jules Verne and first published in 1897. It is considered the unofficial sequel to the only novel written by Edgar Allan Poe.: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.

Although Poe's work was not a great success in sales or critics, it did have a later influence on other writers. And one of them was Jules Verne, who was so passionate about the story that he decided to write another novel set in the same world.

This time the protagonist of the story is not Pym, but an American named Jeorling. He is a geological researcher and a lover of travel and wildlife. Jeorling is also a passionate fan of Edgar Allan Poe's work and believes that Mr. Pym from Poe's work really exists and embarks on a ship called Hallbrane.

It so happens that the captain of the Hallbrane is the brother of the captain of the ship on which Pym traveled in Poe's novel. In addition, they discover some evidence related to the crew of the missing ship. More than a decade has passed since their disappearance, but.... Will they be alive and can they be rescued?

Embark on a fascinating journey to Antarctica with this novel!

Fiction   Adventure

6 hours 40 minutes (80190 words)

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The An Antarctic Mystery book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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