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by George Eliot

Daniel Deronda is a novel by George Eliot published in 1876. The novel criticizes the British aristocracy, while extolling the righteousness of the Jewish people.

Gwendolen Harleth is a beautiful but headstrong young woman who finds herself playing roulette at the gaming tables of a luxurious hotel.

The beautiful young woman is aware that a stranger is watching her, and one might say, in a way, judging her.

That strange man is Daniel Deronda, a rather mysterious being whose origins are shrouded in mystery. He has a great talent and a great capacity for empathy. The encounter will change both of their lives.

The day after that meeting, the young woman receives a letter from her mother and is informed that her family is ruined and that Gwendolen must return home. The young woman tries again to win a fortune at roulette by pawning a necklace. However, a waiter returns the necklace to her and she sees that Daniel saw her pawn the necklace and exchanged it for her. From this point on, the plot is divided into two separate flashbacks, one giving us Gwendolen's story and the other Daniel's.

Fiction   Historical

26 hours 4 minutes (312994 words)

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