From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne

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by Jules Verne

From the Earth to the Moon is a scientific and satirical novel by Jules Verne, originally published in 1865.

Impey Barbicane is the president of the Gun-Club and, once the Civil War is over, he proposes to his companions to manufacture a giant cannon to send a projectile to the moon.

This project motivates the members of the Gun-Club. To carry it out, they will use the huge cannon called Columbiad and send a kind of spaceship with the aim of crossing space and landing on the moon.

Although it begins with a satirical portrayal of the stereotype of the American man of the time, the novel tries to deal with scientific rigor the difficulties and problems (shape of the projectile, cannon, amount of gunpowder to be used, location of the launch, etc...) that must be solved in order to actually send an object to the moon.

It should be noted that we are in the year 1865 and it would not be until a hundred years later when man was able to accomplish such a feat, which demonstrates the advanced and visionary thinking of Jules Verne.

This edition of the book From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne is based on Lewis Page Mercier's translation

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3 hours 25 minutes (41030 words)

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