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Ivanhoe is a historical novel written by Sir Walter Scott and published in 1820. The book is one of the forerunners and most praised of the historical novel.

We are located in medieval England of the twelfth century. The protagonist of the story is Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a brave young knight. This gentleman secretly returns from Palestine to England, where the Norman nobles are fighting for power. In this dispute, Ivanhoe supports his King Richard the Lionheart. In addition, he gets the love of the beautiful noblewoman Rowena.

In the story, Scott conscientiously mixes historical and fictional elements to create a fairly vivid account of the situation in the Middle Ages. Make a comparison between the customs of the Anglo-Saxon era with the refined French. The author extols the status system of the middle ages which allows heroes to emerge. One of his minor characters, Robin Hood, later became the image of the English social revolutionary.

The book has been made into movies several times and taken to the stage in theater and opera.

Fiction   Historical

16 hours 5 minutes (193033 words)

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