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Les Propheties is a collection of prophecies written by Nostradamus in 1555.

This is an interesting and quite unique book. Nostradamus presents us with a series of predictions about the future of mankind.

The book caused a great stir at the time because Nostradamus uses several languages and word puzzles quite unusual for the time.

Written in the form of verses called "quatrains", it uses a language difficult to decipher and quite open to subjective assessments.

The verses of the French mystic predicted catastrophes that would devastate humanity such as wars, plagues or natural disasters. Could Nostradamus really see the future or are we simply looking for meaning in the ramblings that someone made centuries ago?

This edition of Les Propheties is based on Edgar Leoni's translation.

"1. Being seated by night in secret study,
Alone resting on the brass stool:
A slight flame coming forth from the solitude,
That which is not believed in vain is made to succeed.

2. With rod in hand set in the midst of Branchus,
With the water he wets both limb and foot:
Fearful, voice trembling through his sleeves:
Divine splendor. The divine seats himself near by".


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