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by Charles Dickens

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Little Dorrit is a novel written by Charles Dickens and originally published in 1857.

Amy Dorriet is a young girl born in the Marshalsea Prison, a debtor's prison where her father has been imprisoned for many years because of his financial debts. The young girl, nicknamed Little Dorrit, represents the complete opposite of her father's values: while he is a controlling and self-centered man, she is the embodiment of purity, caring for her father and older siblings in the harsh environment of the prison.

Set in the city of London in the first half of the 19th century, the novel is a critique of British institutions and society. It explores themes such as the power of money, prison life, and the corrupting effect of society on the individual. As usual in Dickens' novels, the novel features a cast of memorable characters in addition to the protagonists, both ruthless villains and good-natured people who reflect the colorful nature of human existence.

"Thirty years ago, Marseilles lay burning in the sun, one day. A blazing sun upon a fierce August day was no greater rarity in southern France then, than at any other time, before or since. Everything in Marseilles, and about Marseilles, had stared at the fervid sky, and been stared at in return, until a staring habit had become universal there."


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