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by R. D. Blackmore

Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoor is a novel written by R. D. Blackmore and first published in 1869, initially in three volumes and the following year in a single volume. It garnered good sales and positive critical acclaim.

The protagonist is John Ridd, and narrates the story in the form of a personal memoir. It is set during the Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion and the Battle of Sedgemoor.

John begins with his time as a student, at a school far from home, but nevertheless must return when a clan of thieves murders his father. The boy returns to live on the farm and no longer goes to school.

His family's problems with that clan of thieves, the Doones, will not end there as years later John's uncle, a wealthy merchant, is robbed on his way to the farm. When John goes to the police station with his uncle, they find that the police do not want to act because the Doones are very influential.

Helpless, they decide to investigate the Doones on their own and try to find out where this group of criminals are hiding...

Fiction   Romance

23 hours 3 minutes (276690 words)

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