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by Booth Tarkington

National Avenue, also known as The Midlander, is a novel written by Booth Tarkington and first published in 1924.

It is the third novel in Tarkington's Growth trilogy. This series traces the immense change that occurred in the United States during the great industrialization between the end of the Civil War and World War I, and how that also brought about a change in culture.

In a Midwestern American town, a businessman works to bring modernity and the changes brought about by the suburban industrial era.

In this third part, we delve into the change that the town underwent thanks to its growth and the impact it had on society, not only affecting one generation but a continuous evolution.

"People used to say of the two Oliphant brothers that Harlan Oliphant looked as if he lived in the Oliphants’ house, but Dan didn’t. This was a poor sort of information to anyone who had never seen the house, but of course the supposition was that everybody had seen it and was familiar with its significance..."

Fiction   Historical

8 hours 21 minutes (100373 words)

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