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by Blaise Pascal

Pensées are a series of essays and philosophical reflections written by Blaise Pascal and originally published posthumously in 1669.

The book collects a series of Pascal's thoughts on various topics related to religion and Christianity. They are a set of ideas and notes, somewhat unconnected, that he was preparing for a publication that he never finished. Later, after his death, they were collected and published in the order apparently decided by Pascal.

Pascal argues that reason cannot be used to prove Christianity or the existence of God. For Pascal faith is not irrational and that it is as reasonable to believe as to disbelieve from the point of view of reason.

The author affirms that if we stay only with reason we remain in an intermediate point, it is better to trust in God and take the step to faith.

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About Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, philosopher and theologian who made great contributions to mathematics or probability.

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