Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson

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by Robert Louis Stevenson

Romance Adventure Governance and politics Marriage and personal growth Identity and duplicity

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Prince Otto is a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson first published in 1885.

Prince Otto of Grünewald is an apathetic and indolent prince of a distant and small country. He falls victim to treachery and palace affairs while leaving the government in the hands of his wife and a disturbing minister.

The weak prince will have to deal with court conspiracy or commoner revolution as he becomes aware of his essential role in ensuring the welfare and future of his people.

"You shall seek in vain upon the map of Europe for the bygone state of Grünewald. An independent principality, an infinitesimal member of the German Empire, she played, for several centuries, her part in the discord of Europe; and, at last, in the ripeness of time and at the spiriting of several bald diplomatists, vanished like a morning ghost. Less fortunate than Poland, she left not a regret behind her; and the very memory of her boundaries has faded."


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