Rob Roy by Walter Scott

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by Walter Scott

Historical fiction Adventure National identity Honor Justice vs. Injustice Social Conflict

16 hours 28 minutes

Rob Roy is a historical novel by Walter Scott that deals with the figure of Rob Roy MacGregor, a Scottish bandit who lived in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The novel is one of Scott's most popular novels, and one of the most represented in the cinema.

Frank Osbaldistone, who narrates the story, is the son of an English merchant who parted from his family home in the north of England when he was a young man, being of different religion and temperament than his own father or his younger brother.

Frank is sent by his father to live at the long unseen family home with his uncle and his male cousins, when he refuses to join his father's successful business and his father accepts Frank's cousin Rashleigh, an intelligent young man but unscrupulous, to work in his business.

He causes problems for the business and to resolve the problems, Frank travels into Scotland and meets the larger-than-life title character, Rob Roy MacGregor.

The book deals with the themes of justice, loyalty, honor and love. The novel also shows the conflict between social classes and the power of clan and family in Scotland at that time.


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