Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell

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by Elizabeth Gaskell

Social problem novel Victorian literature Gender roles Social injustice Morality and ethics Religion and redemption Class division

13 hours 31 minutes

Ruth is a novel written by Elizabeth Gaskell in 1853.

Set in Victorian times, the novel introduces us to young Ruth. She, an orphan and barely 15 years old, works long hours as an apprentice seamstress. Because of her youth, she is quite naive and innocent, but also quite beautiful.

She ends up being seduced and deceived by an aristocrat named Henry Bellingham. Ruth becomes pregnant by him but the aristocrat abandons her to her fate. The young woman's reputation is ruined and she is fired from her job. Ruth must seek help in a religious community in the north of England where she meets the pastor Mr. Benson, who confronts society to protect the young woman.

The book, considered one of Gaskell's best works, is an ideal choice for lovers of classic literature who wish to explore complex themes such as morality or social prejudice.

"There is an assize-town in one of the eastern counties which was much distinguished by the Tudor sovereigns, and, in consequence of their favour and rotection, attained a degree of importance that surprises the modern traveller."


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