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The Cloud of Unknowing is an anonymous work written in Late 14th century.

This is a Christian mystical text that offers guidance on how to prayerfully meditate on the nature of God by focusing on divine love and mercy. The author, who is unknown, writes that the path to God is found by divesting oneself of all earthly concerns and distractions, which can be achieved through the practice of "unknowing" God.

The work is relevant for being one of the first texts to advocate a more personal and direct relationship with God, as opposed to the more institutionalized and intellectual approach to spirituality through the institution of the Church.

This edition of The Cloud of Unknowing is based on Evelyn Underhill's translation.

"Fleshly janglers, open praisers and blamers of themselves or of any other, tellers of trifles, ronners and tattlers of tales, and all manner of pinchers, cared I never that they saw this book. For mine intent was never to write such thing unto them, and therefore I would that they meddle not therewith; neither they, nor any of these curious, lettered, or unlearned men. Yea, although that they be full good men of active living, yet this matter accordeth nothing to them".

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